jeudi 24 septembre 2009

CCK09 on Twitter

Last year I wasn't actively using Twitter. I'm still not, but a bit more recently though.

So I came up with the idea to check the tag for this year course, #CCK09.
And Tweetie brought up almost already 5 hundreds twits... huge ! o.O

CCK08 to CCK09 - Second layer

Last year I felt overwhelmed by the hugeness of the course. And, though I'm not shy, I didn't felt the need to reach out to communicate and participate. Plus, since I skipped most of the broadcasts because of the West-Atlantic time and the Java Platform, my experience of last year course was almost only readings. I essentially nibbled the Daily mails and the articles referenced on the main wiki. However, the truth is I didn't restate & write down enough in order to regurgitate and use these new knowledge bits. But I saw the benefit of following this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Here I am, returning for this second iteration. I don't think I will be able to produce much more than last year... since the whole thing seems quite far away... and no diploma sheet will fly up to here... nevertheless, this MOOC is an incredible and interesting thing to do. And it's still a fun way to exercise my english, academically *^_^*

I past here the very first video of the course :

vendredi 22 mai 2009

Bilan, of mine

Socializing is important. But organizing as well. Connecting without structure leads to what ? I don't mean necessarily hierchical order. But at least some defining, positioning and meaningful system...
  • Daily notices by mail is way too much. Something like twice or maybe three times per week seems to me more appropriate.
  • Maybe, it lacked some sort of sub-grouping, in order to foster some kind of promotional device to organize students productions. Each and every day, a dozen of posts to read is way too much.
  • Again, some kind of cohesive and aggregating grouping so that we can interact more profoundly with each other on a same ground.
  • These divisions can coincide with workshop groups that produce traces each week with the assigments. And from time to time a comparative review of all the worshops' productions. Maybe on a wiki page or a Google Docs shared text... Or a shared slide. I see a lack of bottom-up promotional device to facilitate or shepperd the emergence of good quality content. Re-usable content. Content that can later be cited, for example.
  • Finally, I'm not convinced that articles — or posts — are the best support document out there. In my university too, the major course is based on reference articles readings and in-class discussions about them. And I see it makes a poor job to challenge our old conceptions and representations. This kind of support docs are a bit too abstract. And as far as they are novelties for the majority of us, they do a poor job to present those heavy chunks of information, they're intended to do.

I wasn't steady on my two feet this year. Mainly because of my final paper I haven't done yet. So I easily felt overwhelmed by the MOOC. It was extremely interesting. Even historical. But for me it's kind of a missed rendez-vous.

I hope the next iteration this fall will be an even bigger success ! ^^


Bilan de la session de 2008 avant celle de 2009.

Le Wiki de support de cours et les articles résultants du cours ont été « translated into Portugese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian by participants » et non en français. Le groupe des participants hispanophones se sont montrés particulièrement actifs. Et nous autres francophones... particulièrement clairsemés.

Je me demande toujours à quoi c'est dû...

Bref ! ^^;

Stephen DOWNES a rassemblé les archives du Daily ici.

George SIEMENS livre ici ses réflexions en forme de bilan sur ce premier MOOC (comprendre Massive Open Online Course).

dimanche 14 septembre 2008

Sieves to nebula network

Some accute problem seems to be being able to usher apart Constructivism from Connectivism.

How about to say that Constructivism is the child of the early XIXc Structuralism, Piajet speaking of scheme or schemata, while describing understanding, which are some kind of 2D scalable sieves, and say that Connectivism is akin to later XIXc Systemic Sciences, where the common figure is a 3D dynamic nebular meshing of a neural network or of internet ?

And I'm seduced by the distinction made Diane LARSEN-FREEMAN (2003) that knowledge (being a L2 learner Interlanguage or Internet itself) is less built than grown.

[Photo credit]

Not cognitivism

Few notes from week#1 recording

Stephen (in essence) : Cognitivism is language based theory, relying on semantics and sentax to convey information, whereas Connectivism, much like Connectionism, is related to non-language theories, as for exemple the philosophy of computer science.
(that is to say rather Computationalism than programmation laguages, of course).

George : Can a concept function in a similar manner that a regular network functions ?
(not quite like a mindmap, but close enough)
You can connect to a person, you can connect to a concept.

samedi 6 septembre 2008

Hello from Paris !

Until I fire up my english neurones...

Je suis étudiant en 2ème année de master de Didactique du Français Langue Étrangère (FLE).
Dans le cadre de mon mémoire de fin d'année, je poursuis trois objectifs.
• Linguistique - je travaille à l'utilisation d'une grammaire largement inspirée de la Théorie des Opération Énonciatives d'Antoine CULIOLI et en particulier à la refonte de l'enseignement du Groupe Nominal.
• Didactique générale - je cherche à faire en sorte que la Didactique des Langues-Cultures suive le Remembrement des disciplines selon un ordonnancement Systémique (Edgar MORIN) et par ailleurs accompagner la transition du Socio-constructivisme vers le Connectivisme (Geoges SIEMENS).
• Ingénierie didactique - je cherche à promouvoir un enseignement *soutenable*, exploitant des solutions Gagnant-gagnant (Écoute active, CNV), qui n'épuisent pas les apprenants au lieu de les former (Saisonnalité, Relaxation).

Enfin, je tiens à affirmer que oui, il est possible d'être LOHAS & Pommolâtre (Apple Geek) *^_^*