vendredi 22 mai 2009

Bilan, of mine

Socializing is important. But organizing as well. Connecting without structure leads to what ? I don't mean necessarily hierchical order. But at least some defining, positioning and meaningful system...
  • Daily notices by mail is way too much. Something like twice or maybe three times per week seems to me more appropriate.
  • Maybe, it lacked some sort of sub-grouping, in order to foster some kind of promotional device to organize students productions. Each and every day, a dozen of posts to read is way too much.
  • Again, some kind of cohesive and aggregating grouping so that we can interact more profoundly with each other on a same ground.
  • These divisions can coincide with workshop groups that produce traces each week with the assigments. And from time to time a comparative review of all the worshops' productions. Maybe on a wiki page or a Google Docs shared text... Or a shared slide. I see a lack of bottom-up promotional device to facilitate or shepperd the emergence of good quality content. Re-usable content. Content that can later be cited, for example.
  • Finally, I'm not convinced that articles — or posts — are the best support document out there. In my university too, the major course is based on reference articles readings and in-class discussions about them. And I see it makes a poor job to challenge our old conceptions and representations. This kind of support docs are a bit too abstract. And as far as they are novelties for the majority of us, they do a poor job to present those heavy chunks of information, they're intended to do.

I wasn't steady on my two feet this year. Mainly because of my final paper I haven't done yet. So I easily felt overwhelmed by the MOOC. It was extremely interesting. Even historical. But for me it's kind of a missed rendez-vous.

I hope the next iteration this fall will be an even bigger success ! ^^

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